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AMS 700™ Series: Three-Piece Inflatable Penile Implant

The AMS 700 Series provides a natural appearing erection and greater flaccidity than two-piece or malleable implants. These advanced, three-part prostheses are inflatable implants available in a variety of models and sizes for a custom fit. Each consists of a reservoir implanted in the abdomen, a pump placed in the scrotum and a pair of cylinders implanted in the penis. The entire device is totally concealed in the body. The gold standard for innovative penile implant technology, the AMS 700 Series now features InhibiZone™ Antibiotic Surface Treatment and a special wear-reducing Parylene micro coating that increases the reliability and durability of the cylinders. The AMS 700 is ideal for a man with good mental and physical dexterity who wants a natural looking erection—and a more natural flaccid state—than one- or two-piece impants can provide.

[icon color=”#94d800″ size=”18px” target=”_blank” name=”awesome-star”]Advantages

  • Acts and feels like a natural erection
  • Expands the girth of the penis
  • More firm and full than 1- or 2-piece implants
  • Feels softer and more flaccid when deflated than 1- or 2-piece implants
  • Totally concealed within the body



  • Requires some manual dexterity
  • Possibility of leakage or malfunction
  • Possibility of unintentional erections


How does a 3 piece inflatable prosthesis works?…

The AMS 700TM Series prostheses are fluid-filled systems each consisting of a pair of cylinders, an inflate/deflate pump, and a fluid-filled reservoir. The components are connected by kink-resistant tubing. During surgery, the reservoir is implanted in the lower abdomen, the pump is placed in the scrotum and the two cylinders are implanted in the corpora cavernosa (the chamber of the penis that, when filled with blood, normally produces an erection). The system is filled with sterile saline solution and then connected to form a closed system, completely concealed in the body.

  1. To inflate the device and achieve an erection, simply squeeze the pump bulb several times.
  2. This causes the saline solution to move from the reservoir, through the tubing and into the cylinders. Fluid moving into the cylinders replicates the body’s natural process of blood flowing into the penis. This process creates full rigidity as the cylinders are inflated.
  3. To deflate the device, you press and hold the release valve portion of the pump.
  4. This transfers saline solution back into the reservoir, making the penis flaccid.